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Discover our gorgeous collection of breathtaking women’s rings that’s filled with stylish, classic, and timeless pieces. No matter the occasion, event, or place, our women’s ring collection will have you covered. You can choose from a range of rings featuring unique designs, quality metal, and pretty rhinestones.

Whether you want a gift for someone special or wish to treat yourself, our charming collection of women’s rings will not fail to deliver. From metal rings, multicolor bands,exotic shaped flower stones to antique style patterns, the Online Boutique Shop is stocked up on casual, fashion, and party-wear women’s rings.

Simple Stud Ring

Besides adding to your style and elevating your personality, our collection offers complete fashion freedom. Wear these rings alone or pair them up with more rings, bracelets, or other jewelry pieces to level things up. No matter how you wear them, we guarantee two things – you’ll look more charming and love our products. Browse through the gallery and choose the ring that suits your style!

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Golden wedding rings on the white rose from the wedding bouquet

A ring is a classic, elegant, and simple jewelry piece that is adored by girls and women from all age groups. While you might think that they wear it for appearance only, that is not the case. There can be other reasons and purposes behind a woman wearing a ring and on a particular finger. These reasons often vary from one woman to another based on her cultural background, relationship status, personality, and a few other things. Let’s get you up to speed with a few significant types of rings, their purpose, and how to wear them.


A band is typically a ring without additional decoration or adornments like stones or pearls. However, bands with engravings, stones, or other small design elements are widely used today.

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Anniversary Rings (or band)

This type of ring is gifted to each other by married partners. It is traditionally a band, but owing to the importance of the event, it does come studded with diamonds or stones. Such rings and events are best rocked with a fashion romper. Check out our exotic collection of Women’s Rompers.

Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is gifted to a woman by her fiancé. It is customarily worn on the left ring finger, indicating that she is about to get married. The ring is generally called a Solitaire ring and usually has a single diamond or stone in the center.

Engagement Ring
Wedding ring
Wedding RingBand

Wedding Ring/Band

The wedding ring is a relatively simple and plain but graceful band. It usually doesn’t have a notable top like diamond or stone but might feature some intricate designs or names engraved. The wedding band replaces the engagement ring and is worn on the left ring finger.

Antique Ring

The rings older than a century are categorized as antique rings and can be much costlier. Still, you can buy affordable versions of modern rings with antique designs.

Antique Ring
Cluster Ring

Cluster Ring

A cluster ring features numerous stones or diamonds grouped closely together. These could be uniformly sized stones in a similar pattern or varyingly sized stones surrounding a central bigger stone.

Stack Ring

Stack Ring

Stackers or stack rings are multiple (mostly two) bands that are worn together on the same finger. These can be two exactly same rings or different colored rings meant to form a contrasting but visually appealing pair.

Fashion Ring

Fashion Ring

A ring that is worn solely for styling and fashion purpose irrespective of the occasion is known as a fashion ring. These rings have a more flashy and vibrant feel instead of a classic or elegant one. You can try throwing in some shades to further spice things up when wearing fashion rings. Our collection of Women’s Sunglasses houses some stunningly fashionable Women’s Sunglasses.

Contemporary Ring

A contemporary ring has a trendy, sleek, and up-to-date design. It might feature graceful curves, a unique cut, a minimalistic approach, or a certain classy setting of stones or diamonds.
This ring might feature one or more stones or none at all. Or, this could be just a plain metal band with slightly engraved designs.

Contemporary Ring

Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring is a pretty large ring featuring an elevated design that rises off the finger significantly. It is typically adorned with large gems or diamonds and is supposed to look luxurious. A cocktail ring is not for daily wear and is instead worn on special occasions only.

These are a few prominent types of rings, but that’s not everything. Other popular ring types are Halo, Side Stone, Claddagh, Eternity, Flexible, Gimmel, Vintage Ring, and a few others. Each ring is meant for a different outfit, occasion, and purpose.

In terms of material, rings are made from various matter; gold, silver, titanium, rhodium, platinum, and palladium are commonly used for the rounded base. Besides, the rings are further adorned with pearls, diamonds, gemstones, and emeralds.
Regardless of the material, rings are a sure-fire way of adding sparkle to your charming personality and making a fashion statement with your style. Shop the most amazing, affordable, and lasting fashion, contemporary, cluster, stacker, and antique ring designs at the Online Boutique Shop’s online store.