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Face masks are not just an accessory! Today, they are statement pieces that keep you safe from airborne viruses and keep you on top of your fashion game. We understand women's strong urge to keep up with safety protocols and modern trends. That is why we bring you the finest, trendiest, most breathable, and most comfortable collection of women's face masks!

Available in different styles and patterns, our face masks collection keeps you healthy and stylish at the same time. Our women's face mask's range is vast and gives you enough freedom to choose a mask that suits your personality, style, and occasion. Whether you like to keep it simple and wear plain, colored face masks, or you prefer making a bold statement with your face coverings, we have got you covered.

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From regular cotton masks to graphic printed designs, metal studs, floral patterns, to tie and dye, our face masks collection has a cover for everyone.
Wear them to college, gym, shopping, parties, or run errands with them and grab a coffee from a nearby café; you will always look sleek and stylish.
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What used to be once worn by medical staff or patients at the hospital is now a global compulsion. The spread of Omicron is on the rise in the United States, and not much is known about it. The only thing we know is that it is contagious, and it's an excellent idea to wear face masks especially when out in public. It looks like we're stuck with face masks for a while. But it doesn't mean that they have to be boring or come in the way of your style. The Online Boutique Shop understands that everyone has their own style of fashion. So why not show off your unique sense of fashion while protecting your body from colds and viruses?

Women’s Fashion Face Masks

We offer the best face masks for women that provide a valuable mix of safety, comfort, and style.

Breathable, Comfortable, Reusable

We offer a variety of women's face masks that are breathable and comfortable. Wear them all day at work, while you are out spending time with your friends, taking your pet for a walk, or working out at the gym.

Our face masks are soft and stretchy so you can do what you love doing without the fear of catching the virus or feeling uncomfortable. Pair them with our plush Women’s Activewear and ace that athletic look.

Flower Mask

Moreover, our face masks are washable and reusable, helping you practice hygienic habits and take care of your health. You can easily handwash them and use them over and over again for a long time. This reusability makes them an excellent economic investment for your safety and style.
Finally, you can say goodbye to those disposable masks that downplay your fashionable look.

Leopard Printed Mask

Water-resistant, Skin-friendly, Filter Pocket

Our high-quality, double-layered, designer face masks are made from soft and stretchable cotton, offering a relaxed fit for your face. Plus, we have water-resistant face masks made of a unique fabric that repels water droplets, so you can go out without thinking about the weather.
On top of that, the inner fabric is comfy, super soft, lightweight, and has an optional filter pocket for extra safety.


All face masks have stretchy ear loops that can fit most faces. Still, some of the masks offer added comfort with adjustable clip straps. Loosen or tighten the straps conveniently as per your facial requirements and wear them with confidence.

Adjustable Mask

Fashionable & Stylish

Our women's face masks come in different styles. If you want a light style to keep it casual, check out our tie-dye face masks. Tie-dying is a modern method that many people love because it gives you a casual, edgy look. If you are headed to a more formal or fancy event where you want to make a classy statement, go for our metal studded or sequin fashion masks. These will work exceptionally well with our trendy Women’s Rompers collection. If that’s not what you prefer, we have cool floral print masks that easily pair with our trendy floral Women’s Tops. These lightweight face masks are great for both summers and winters as they provide sufficient face coverage and allow ample airflow to breathe easier. All of them are super easy to pair with your everyday outfits, ideal for work, travel, shopping, and busy outdoors.

Breathable face mask

What is the most breathable face mask?

Let’s admit, nobody wants a stuffy mask that feels like you are breathing through a straw. A convenient and breathable face mask is multi-layered yet lightweight and allows ample airflow for breathing. Our women’s face masks are fashionable, comfortable, and highly breathable.

What are the best reusable face masks?

A good reusable mask is washable in the machine or by hand and doesn’t lose its protective filtration after long use. The Online Boutique Shop offers excellent quality, hand-washable, long-lasting, and reusable masks.

Reusable face masks
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What size face mask should I get?

Having a correct-fitting face mask is necessary for protection and comfort. If you want the perfect size, measure from the middle of your chin to the nose's bridge. Then, from left cheekbone to right cheekbone. You'll see these two measurements on most online stores and easily compare yours. In general, a mask shouldn't have gaps on the sides and shouldn't move around your face.