Women's Shorts

oBoutiques's remarkable collection of women's shorts is sure to have you looking stunning for any occasion. This collection contains a variety of shorts guaranteed to fit your personality. This category includes stylish biker shorts, comfy cargo shorts, glamorous wrap shorts, or girly lace shorts, amongst many others. These shorts are available in all colors providing you with the opportunity to express your mood however you want. In addition, the varying sizes and lengths of these shorts further increases the choices of selecting one that is right just for you.

Women's Shorts

This collection gives you the opportunity to express your personality by providing you with various styles. Whether your mood and style calls for something vintage, beige, sassy, classy, relaxed, sporty, or even lazy, our collection has something suitable for every situation. To provide you with the very best, we ensure that each short in this collection displays the designers' expertise.

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All the way from ancient military to modern times down to Bond, Elizabeth Olsen, Taylor Swift, and so on amongst many others, shorts have always been the heartthrob of those who love fashion. And in present times, unlike as it was in the olden days, women aren't left out either. Instead, they've embraced this fashion garment by storm. Before, shorts were left to boys, the military, and young men. However, now it is more common to find ladies donning these fashionable garments than their male counterparts do. These little cuties have taken the heart of so many fashion pioneers and have become one of the most stylish of garments, and here is why: there is something gloriously playboy and provocative in all that thigh and low-slung waist that always seems to draw stares from everyone.

Comfortable Shorts

Apart from the apparent fashion allure these garments hold, comfort is the next best thing they provide. Shorts are widely known for the comfort they provide, which makes them the appropriate gear for a variety of uses.

This collection consists of a variety of shorts ranging from denim shorts in all wash or fades and super-chic leather shorts with lace-up details to beautiful flowy shorts with floral details, dress shorts in transitional white or black, sassy short shorts, and classy high waisted shorts in multiple hues. One thing all of these shorts have in common, though, is their ability to provide a certain allure by gorgeously bringing a lady's legs and thighs into focus.

Shorts can be used for swimming, walking, jogging, sports, climbing, casual wear, fashion, and so on, amongst others. There are multiple types of shorts, and each of them is tailored for specific purposes.

Swimming Walking Shorts

The sport shorts are generally loose-fitting and easy to move around in. Most sports shorts are made of cotton or nylon either for shape or breathability. Sports shorts always look stylish when worn with practical clothing like a hoodie. Our collection of women's sweaters contains multiple hoodies that would look stunning with sport shorts. Biking and running shorts are generally made from tight-Lycra and spandex in order to provide extra movement.

Biking shorts

Biking and running shorts are generally made from tight-fitting Lycra and spandex in order to provide extra movement. Walking shorts, on the other hand, are more for the style than for walking. Typically reaching the knees or right above them, these shorts achieve the aim of being casual without showing too much skin. These are perfect for a barbecue, a simple summer lunch, and they can even be worn when carrying out chores like gardening, etc. Walking shorts can range from being incredibly stylish, even made from lace, to being really down-to-earth and made from a piece of faded denim fabric.

In older times, shorts were worn by women mainly for practical reasons, such as comfort and ease of movement. For others, wearing shorts was a means of standing up for women's rights, which was a radical and controversial crusade at the time. Most ladies preferred to wear long skirts that felt heavy, looked bulky, and limited their range of motion as those were deemed more 'lady-like.'

Comfortable Shorts

However, in the modern world, shorts are seen as the more traditional wear for all genders. Most ladies don shorts due to multiple factors like their practicality; it can't be denied that a simple piece of clothing that barely goes over the knees would be much easier to move in than a long, flowy, heavy dress. If by any chance, you aren't a fan of shorts but would still like to dress in something short and free, you can check out our collection of women’s skirts. Other reasons are due to fashion, body positivity, comfort, and much more. This collection consists of shorts that would provide all this and more to you, so check them out.