Women’s Coats

Check out our collection of the warmest, most fashionable, and style-elevating women’s coats. From classic fleece to stylish and functional suede and faux suede to timeless belted trench coats, the Online Boutique Shop is every women’s go-to store for coats and jackets.
Plus, we have hooded anorak and raincoat jackets that can take the toll of the weather. Whether you are headed to a night party with friends in the cold or taking your chilling commute to work, our coats ensure that you stay warm and on top of your fashion game.
Women's Coat
All of this without making you look chunky or stuffed. Yes! Our coats are lightweight and incredibly comfortable. Moreover, fine material and quality stitching methods add to the durability of our products so you can confidently wear them year after year. So, grace the winters in style and discover the world of women’s coats at the Online Boutique Shop where warmth and style are never apart.
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Coats have long been regarded dull or bland as they hide the stylish inner layers. But, our designers clearly understand how much women value an attractive winter look. In fact, we know women’s deepest winter fashion desire: cozy and trendy coats! These are the first things that they look for when the temperature drops. So, we came up with an outerwear collection that defies the stigma related to the boring outlook of coats and instead lights up an attractive look for different occasions.

A-line Suede Coat

Button Tacking Collar A-line Suede Coat

Fabric: 97% Polyester 3% Spandex
Colors: Wine Red, Olive
This suede A-line coat is detailed with a button tacking collar and four-button closure. It features an adjustable waist belt that allows a better fit and offers an elevated look. Plus, the coat has a ruffled bottom design that reaches the knees. Hence the coat provides a contemporary, modern look and optimal protection from the chilly weather.

Taking advantage of the extra length, you can easily pair black leggings and ace the ultra-modern look. Shop our Women’s Leggings collection here. Overall, the coat’s lightweight and richly textured suede offer a high-end feel and outlook.

Fleece Belted Coat

Fleece Belted Coat
Fabric: 100% Polyester
Colors: Grey, Oatmeal, Blue Stone, Black
This cozy and comfy coat comes with neatly ribbed edges and features a tie-waist belt. This fleece belted coat is made from 100% polyester and is bound to keep you warm throughout the day. Plus, with two front pockets, you get ample storage space for your mobile phone, keys, wallet, or for snuggling your hands. Available in four different colors, the coat can be donned on multiple occasions depending on what color you choose and what you wear below it.

Fleece Belted Coat

Headed to the office? Pair the grey coat with classic blue denim jeans and get that ultra-chic, modern, and sophisticated look. If you are not sure about the jeans, check out the best jeans made in USA and order yours online. Alternatively, you can select the oatmeal color, ditch the pants, and wear matching skirts for that trendy, stunning, girly look. We have a vast variety of premium Women’s Skirts to complement the elegance of the coat.

Trench Coat

Trench Coat with Waist String

Fabric: 75% Polyester 25% Nylon
This is not your typical double-breasted military-style coat. Our olive-colored, mixed blended trench coat instead features a waist string that functions as a belt and helps you comfortably adjust the fitting. The coat is detailed with two side pockets to rest your hands or secure your smartphone, keys, or other handy objects. The coat is extra-ordinarily long and reaches beyond the knee height, meaning it is best rocked with jeans or full pants. Plus, you can choose between a pair of cool sneakers or fancy heels to further elevate the look.

The coat performs amazingly in providing warmth, comfort, style, and optimum protection from chilly winds. If the winds are extra strong, throw in a headscarf. Explore our Women’s Scarves collection and get the best matching scarf to enhance your look and wind protection.

Waist Belt Tacked Faux Suede Coat

Fabric: 97% Polyester 3% Spandex
Colors: Wine Red, Black
Crafted from a polyester-blend fabric, our faux suede belted coat is soft to touch yet holds its shape firmly. Plus, the belt lets you easily loosen or tighten the coat by adjusting the prong in an appropriate hole. Further, the coat is detailed with a button tacking collar and a zip-up closure that brings out a stylish, flattering look, making it great for dinner, parties, hangouts, shopping, and a lot more outdoor activities. The bottom of the dress is ruffled and reaches knee height. Such coats look phenomenal with black high ladies’ boots and much better with a stylish handbag in hand.

Waist Belt Tacked Faux Suede Coat

Apart from the above-listed coats, we also have the classic, cool Hooded Anorak Jacket Coat that provides a slim, stylish, and sleek look. Our collection of women’s coats is manufactured with soft, premium, and durable materials, making them excellent everyday apparel. They function excellently as cover-ups against chilly winds and as urban fashion pieces. We offer coats in Small, Medium, and Large sizes; however, our fleece coat and jacket collection are also available in Extra Large and “Plus” sizes. So, no matter your body weight and type, you can confidently shop at the Online Boutique Shop.