Women’s Rompers

Shop the most stylish, eye-catching, and affordable women’s rompers collection at the Online Boutique Shop. Choose anything from modern belted zip-up denim to flattering ruffled strap to the sexy cami cotton or the comfy long sleeve romper collection.

Our women’s rompers make the ideal summer and spring girly attire. We have a stunning range of these easy-to-wear, stylish one-piece outfits for all formal and informal occasions. Wear them to your weekend beach-side brunches, or pair them with a blazer for your usual days at the office.

Women's Romper

Plus, rompers make for an excellent outdoor activity outfit when you are bored with trousers and pajamas. Pair them with your joggers and go running, jumping rope, cycling, or biking outside, and let your body breathe freely.
Check out our colorful collection of women’s rompers in unique designs.

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Everybody loves a fine, one-piece look of a romper or jumpsuit. However, these two multipurpose costumes are often confusingly mixed and used interchangeably. But a romper and a jumpsuit are not the same. Let’s see how.

Romper vs. Jumpsuit: What is the difference?

While both are one-piece outfits, rompers have shorts attached to the top, while jumpsuits feature long pants paired with the top. Moreover, rompers are usually made from lightweight materials and jumpsuits from somewhat heavier fabric. However, women love using both as loungewear, beachwear, activewear, casual wear, and occasionally as formal apparel! Were you looking for a jumpsuit instead? Check out our Women’s Jumpsuit collection.

Romper or Jumpsuit

Can you wear a romper to weddings or the office?

Though rompers are casual outfits, these can be conveniently tailored for any kind of event. All you have to do is pay attention to the design and fabric and pair it with an accessory. Got a wedding to attend? Get your romper on, wear matching heels,  and don the right necklace with them. A shiny purse or clutch will definitely add to the look. Browse through our dazzling collection of Women’s Jewelry..Have a business meeting? Just like weddings, you can easily make your romper look business casual with the right accessories and fabric. Choose a sophisticated color, look for a slightly longer length, and throw in a blazer or jacket, and you’re good to go. Plus, you can carry an elegant handbag to further complement the professional look. Our Women’s Handbags collection is definitely worth a glance.

Online Boutique Shop’s Romper Collection

Women love wearing rompers because these are ultra-chic, comfy, effortless, and perfect summer-spring attire. Whether you are headed to the mall, beach, or a sophisticated night's dine-out, you can come up with a style that suits the occasion. We’ve got a romper for all events.

Cami Leopard Seamless Romper

Fabric: 66% Nylon 28% Polyester 6% Spandex
This sleeveless romper is more of a bodysuit with a scooped neckline and features adjustable straps for a finer fit. It can function as an excellent undergarment or a layering piece, and can also be elegantly rocked as a one-piece outfit. With a high-stretch fabric, the romper is great for lounging at home or actively indulging in outdoor activities. Plus, the camel and black colors of the leopard print look cool and give an excellent summer vibe.

Cami Leopard Seamless Romper
Belted Zip-up Denim Romper

Belted Zip-up Denim Romper

Fabric: 42% Cotton 28% Rayon 28% Polyester 2% Spandex
This is a short-sleeved, high-waist, and navel peeking denim romper to spice up your style and add to the sexy look. The romper features two front and two back pockets, a basic collar, an in-built removable belt, and a front zip-up closure. Available in light, medium, and dark shades of blue, the romper will make you stand out at the next party you attend.

Button-Down Sleeveless Romper

Fabric: 82% Polyester 16% Rayon
This light grey, breathable, and sleeveless romper is an excellent nightlife outfit. Wear it to a nightclub, restaurant, concert, or any party, and slay the look. It has a layered vest-over-romper design with stripes pattern all over the outfit and features a button-down closure. The polyester fabric gives you a cool, chic, and comfortable feel. Since this romper is short, black or dark brown knee-high women's boots will make for an attractive, modern look.

Button-Down Sleeveless Romper
Fashion Romper

Fashion Rompers

Fabric: 95% Polyester 5% Spandex
Fashion rompers are timeless outfits that give you a glamorous and elegant look. These are suitable for vacations, parties, celebrations, weddings, fashion events, and many other occasions.

We have a wide variety of fashion rompers with unique and attractive designs.

  • Crochet Detailed Rompers
  • Crochet Detailed Romper With Belt
  • Lace and Crochet Top Detailed 
  • Bottom Ruffle With Buttons
  • Denim Romper with Puff Sleeves
  • Floral Sheer Lace Combo Romper
  • Zebra Print Tube Romper


These rompers are available in shiny bright to dark and dull colors, so you have a vast variety to choose from. Other than these, the Online Boutique Shop offers V-neck, long sleeves, dolman ruffle, ribbed knit, backless, stripe mesh, mock neck, and tie-dye printed rompers.All of these rompers are available in Small, Medium, and Large. Moreover, a few variants are also available in "Plus" size, meaning we have rompers for everyone for every occasion!