Women's Shapewear

Enjoy all-day comfort and stay in the desired shape with our vast collection of super stretchy and lightweight women's shapewear. The Online Boutique Shop has everything you need to create a stylish outfit. Whether it's slips, bras, panties, or shapewear clothing, we have an extensive selection of items that will help transform any woman into someone confident in their own skin!

Women's Shapewear

Moreover, we have various shapewear styles like waist clinchers, thigh slimmers, control panties, bodysuits, and camisoles. Plus, we offer a variety of materials as well – cotton, polyester, nylon, latex, Lycra, and spandex – all of them offer high flexibility and airflow, so you stay relaxed.

Whether you want to better shape your thighs, control the figure of your tummy, hide waist bulges, or get rid of visible panty lines – you'll find the best solution here. Wear them under your gym clothes, casual dresses, work attire or use them at special occasions like weddings, parties, or dates.

Since everyone has different needs and body types, our collection helps you find the perfect fit for your body type, from small, medium, large to plus sizes.

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Women's shapewear minimizes the body's natural bumps and bulges, giving your body a toned contour and creating a sleek appearance. It uses tight panels, strategically placed elastics, or compression to achieve that slimmer look. Although shapewear is often considered too tight and uncomfortable for daily wear, this isn't the case. In fact, women love wearing shapewear for many reasons.

Benefits of Women's Shapewear

Slimmer figure & improved posture

Shapewear can accentuate your looks by making you look slimmer and also improve your posture. Oftentimes, it can make you look taller too.

Can be worn under almost anything

Women's shapewear can be kept on during daily activities, giving them extra support and minimizing excess lines. It is also discreet enough to be worn under casual clothing such as t-shirts or dresses for added comfort, confidence, and support.

Stays in place

Shapewear stays put, which means it does not ride up or slip down. This makes it much more effective than other types of undergarments.

Instant confidence booster

Women's shapewear can make a big difference when it comes to how you feel about yourself, which in turn has an impact on your confidence level. For someone who is not particularly confident or self-assured, this boost in morale can be invaluable.

Increased endurance

Wearing shapewear can make exercise easier by making you feel less fatigued. It also smoothens lines under tight-fitting clothing, making regular movements and exercising more comfortable and enjoyable.

Helps prevent garments from wrinkling

Shapewear is not as bulky as some other types of undergarments, and it often grips the skin more closely, which means that clothing will not be able to slide or slip as easily. This makes shapewear a good choice for preventing garments from wrinkling during the day.


Types of Women's shapewear

There are many types of women's shapewear, depending on the function they serve.

Waist Clinchers/Corset

Waist clinchers are designed to give a woman a sexy hourglass look. These underbust garments flatten the abs and accentuate your waistline to make it appear slimmer. You can wear one beneath a dress for a special occasion or on an everyday basis to get that sexy shapely profile. Try wearing it under a mini dress from our Women's Tops collection.


Open-Bust Shaper

As the name implies, this shaper is open in the front (chest) area. It features a high-rise cut on its thighs and covers your tummy, hips, thighs, and back. It usually comes with a front zipper for easy wearing. An open-bust shaper does a fine job of giving a well-toned look to your belly, waist, and back. Plus, it provides a natural appearance to your bosoms.

Tummy Tucker

A tummy tucker is a foundation garment that covers your abdomen. It starts from below the bosoms and stretches just below the navel. The pressure exerted by the tight-fitting garment neatly hides the belly fat and projects a slimmer silhouette.

Women’s Bodysuit Tops


The name says it all. A bodysuit is a garment that you can wear inside your dresses or outside on its own to smooth bulges and give yourself the much-needed curve appeal. The high-rise design starts just from the bosoms and can end at the crotch or mid-thigh.
These are often worn as outerwear with fitted Women’s Pants.

Thigh/Leg Shaper

A thigh shaper is designed to closely fit your skin and cover your thighs, tummy, waist, and hips. It can be paired with dresses, leggings, or skirts for an eye-catching look.

thigh or leg shaper

Online Boutique Shop’s Women’s Shapewear Collection

The Online Boutique Shop is full of comfortable, breathable, and soft shapewear in various fabrics. We have waist control thongs, open-bust shapers with zippers, bodysuits with molded cups, high compression tummy tucker, camisoles, and slips. All of these shapewear garments are available in regular and plus sizes. Visit our gallery and buy your favorite pieces!