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Looking to refresh your style with a new top? Congrats! You have made it to the right place – Online Boutique Shop – home to an awesome variety of women's tops! Our online women's clothing store has everything, from basic women's tees to elegant printed tops, floral blouses, versatile hoodies, sweatshirts, to tunic tops, and much more. Your top isn't just a piece of layering; it shows your personality and style and tells everyone who you are. We help you make the right impression with our vast collection of tops. Whether you like to keep it simple and basic with plain hoodies, tees, and sweatshirts, or prefer to go a bit edgy with a peplum top or a D-ring top, we have got you covered.

Women's Tops
Flower Print Tops
Flower Print Tops

We are also here in case you want to make a style statement and go for a ribbed drawstring top, an off-shoulder tube top, or a ruffled or laced detail knit top. Wear them to work, parties, shopping, dinners, holidays, or at home – you'll always look fabulous. You'll find the trendiest assortment of basic and fitted women's tops, including tank tops, crop tops, jackets, cardigans, coats, and sweaters. Explore the collection and shop now!

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Basic Women’s Tops

Rocking the perfect look is more than just pairing a top with fitting jeans or pants. There's a lot of thought that should go into buying a top you like.
Here are a few things to remember:


When you're thinking of buying a top, do consider your preference about the feel and comfort of the fabric. While cotton is the most common fabric for clothing, you can wear silk for a more luxurious feel. Or go for linen, satin, polyester, and nylon but make sure you consider the weight and stretch of each fabric.
All in all, the best fabric is the one that makes you feel comfy and confident in your skin.

Different types of fabric


For obvious reasons, you need to respect the dress code of the event or place you are headed to. For instance, you can't wear an off-shoulder crop top on formal occasions or workplaces. Plus, you'd also need to factor in the weather. You can't wear heavy and extra warm tops in the summer or a mesh peplum top on cold winter nights.


Besides matching or contrasting bottoms, having accessories definitely influences your women's tops buying decision. Though stylish or edgy designs make you stand out, accessories like handbags, watches, or Women's Bracelets further add to the style.

Besides the factors to consider before buying basic women's tops, a few other questions about tops' styles and types keep some women puzzled.

What do you wear with tops?

Some tops look better with a loose pair of pants or a skirt, while some can be worn with high-waist, skin-fit bottoms for more sharp and edgy looks. Typically, the choice depends on your body shape and top type.
Plus, you can always level things up with accessories such as scarves, caps, masks, or sunglasses.

White Top

What types of tops are in style?

  • Loose Tops: These tops mostly come with short sleeves and have a loose-fitting style from top to bottom. Moreover, they feature a low-cut and flowy style that goes with almost anything from jeans and trousers to skirts.
  • Peplum Tops: Peplum tops feature a strip stitched into the waist that makes the bottom of the top flow outwards which adds flare to the style. These can be short or long-sleeved and worn to formal and informal occasion
  • Classic Tee: T-shirt is a worldwide wardrobe staple. It can be paired with shorts, pants, jogger pants, skirts, and Women's Leggings. Plus, it can be worn to casual, informal, and semi-formal events and works as excellent everyday wear.
  • Tunic Tops: These dress-like tops are longer and larger than regular tops. Tunic tops can be shorter in the front than on the back and sides, while also have the same length all around. With hundreds of designs and fittings, these tops can be short or long-sleeved or even without sleeves.

For warmer and additional layering tops, you can choose from jackets, hoodies, coats, and Women’s Cardigans.

Difference between a blouse and top

A blouse is a formal outfit made from soft and light fabric and often features buttons and a collar. On the other hand, the top is a general term used for any garment covering the upper body. With that definition, a blouse is essentially a top, but women mostly categorize it separately for their convenience. They call tees, shirts, crop tops, tanks, and peplum tops as "tops."

Blouse And Tops
Simple Top

How do you style a simple top?

Style and fashion are somewhat subjective concepts. So, no matter what you choose to wear, how you style an outfit depends on your personal preferences and feelings. That being said, there are many ways to style simple or plain tops. For instance, adding a belt to your look is one of the simplest ways to look sharper.
For a more classy look, leverage women adornments intelligently and try wearing a bright rhinestone necklace or silver locket for example. Or, go for gold for a graceful yet stylish appearance.

Similarly, you can play with different bottom wear choices and rock different styles with shorts, trousers, midi skirts, or denim jeans.

Online Boutique Shop’s Women’s Top Collection

From sexy and glamorous mesh tops to casual peplum tops to elegant tunic dresses, we are stocked up on women's tops from small to plus sizes. Shop now and make the right style statement.