Women's Jeans Plus Size

Buy the most stylish, trendy, comfortable, and attractive women's plus-size jeans at the Online Boutique Shop. Women with curvy figures and "love handles" often find it hard to find a pair of jeans that fits them right and makes them look fabulous. Unfortunately, the opposite happens most of the time. Either the jeans are uncomfortable, don't fit properly, don't show their best selves, or are way much baggy and ruin the look.

Women's Jeans Plus Size

We understand the struggle and hence offer a great range of plus-size jeans that fit right and make them look great. So whether you're looking for denim, skinny fit, boot-cut, flare leg, or an easy-fit style, you'll find your dream jeans right here at the Online Boutique Shop.

Our jeans are made with quality, stretchy, and breathable fabrics and feature great designs. You can either go for elegant, plain jeans or wear stylish, edgy ripped jeans – we have them all. Plus, we offer amazing blue shades to give you a variety of options.

Wear them to work, parties, hangouts, shopping, or anywhere else; you'll stay confident and look attractive.
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Things To Consider Before Buying Women's Plus Size Jeans

Shopping for a pair of denim jeans is not easy, and if you are a full-figured woman looking for plus-size jeans, things can especially get trickier for you. So, to be sure that a pair fits you right and looks good on you, here are a couple of details about jeans that you should know.

WAIST – This is pretty obvious, but women often misjudge their waist measurements. Your waist can significantly change with your lifestyle, so make sure you have your latest measurements before buying jeans.
FRONT RISE – Front rise is the measurement from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband in front. This measurement decides how low your jeans would be sitting.
INSEAM Inseam is the distance from the inside bottom of the jeans to the crotch area.

LEG OPENING – Leg opening measures the width of the cuff or the bottom of the jeans. This measurement can give you an idea about whether or not the jeans would fit your right.
BACK RISE – This is slightly different from the front rise; it is measured from the crotch to the waistband top at the back. The back rise tells you how covered or revealed your bum will be.
OUTSEAMThis is the distance from the jeans' waistband to the outside of the bottom.

That’s it! Now you know about the anatomy of women’s jeans and what measurements can help you buy the perfect fit. We are sure you can comfortably match them with great Plus Size Women’s Outerwear. But, besides a jean’s fitting, knowing about women’s jeans style is equally important. Yes! You need to know what jeans’ styles suit your body.

Types Of Jeans Style For Different Body Types

So, here is a list of women’s jeans styles for different body types:

Straight Jeans – These are perfect for women with lean figures. This style creates an illusion of length and is well suited for shorter women. The straight fit takes the shape of your body, so it's best to avoid this style if you're pear-shaped.

Skinny/Slim Jeans - If you're looking for something that's more than just straight fit, then go for slim-fit jeans that taper down to the ankle. This is an ideal choice for curvy women as it generally camouflages curves.

Straight and Skinny Jeans
Boyfriend Jeans and Wide Hips and Thighs Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans - Boyfriend style is another great option for ladies looking to conceal their tummy and thighs. They are roomier and loose and can fit nicely on plus-size figures. Boyfriend jeans pair incredibly well with tees and crop tops. Check them out in our Women’s Tops collection.

Wide Hips and Thighs – If your thighs and hips are wider than average, then go for boot-cut jeans. Boot-cuts generally provide a nice balance between straight and flare style jeans. It is great at camouflaging thicker hips as well as lower waistlines.

Wide Hips and Thin Thighs – Skinny jeans can particularly reduce the size of your legs. So you should go for a slim-fit style if you want to avoid making your legs look too thin.

Pear-Shaped – The best cuts for pear-shaped figures are boot-cuts or flare leg-cut jeans, as they will give your figure a nice form.

Wide Hips and Thin Thighs Jeans and Pear-Shaped Jeans
Petite Plus Size jeans

Petite Plus Size – If you're shorter than average, go for flattering straight-fit jeans with a high-rise; these will help lengthen your legs. Plus, shorter women with bigger bosoms will need additional support. So, wearing an extra-supportive bra will improve your posture and overall look. Check out our Women’s Bra collection here.

We hope things are now simple for you. Match your body type to the jeans style listed above, and order your new favorite pair of jeans from our store!